Dell Inspiron E1505 laptop review.

Posted in Uncategorized by Greg Mackay on June 30, 2009

I bought this new laptop from Dell computers several months ago just after Windows Vista was released. I have been using it as my primary PC since then. I use it for web development, general computing, gaming and DVD viewing.

It is a very well built unit. It has a solid quality feel to it. The key pad is well sized so typing is comfortable. My laptop before this was an old IBM 600X Thinkpad so this was a major upgrade for me.
I have never really been a fan of consumer style laptops. I have spent many hours shopping for laptops and most consumer units feel cheap and fragile. When you pick them up, they feel similar to my son’s $50 Batman laptop. One good drop and they would probably come apart. Although I still prefer commercial grade hardware like thinkpads. I am very happy with the feel of this Dell.

1. Solid well built case.
2. Good design, not to flashy.
3. Good performance even when playing modern games.
4. Beautiful bright screen.
5. Media direct is great for quick viewing of DVDs.

Dell Inspiron E1505


1. No PC card slots. It only has the new express card slot.
2. Windows Vista still has some issues working with third party applications.
3. Dell still insists on preloading junk applications.

Dell computers service/sales pros/cons
Yes I had to add a special Pros/cons list just for the customer service side of buying a PC from Dell.

1. Dells hardware is sturdy and looks good.
2. Their hardware support staff is good.
3. I don’t need software support.

1. I ordered this unit via phone. The sales woman was nice but basically just said what ever she thought would make the sale. She even told me that if I wasn’t happy with Windows Vista I could use Windows XP instead. Of course I knew this was incorrect. The only way Dell could do this would be to provide both versions on recovery CD. She insisted that all I would need to do is contact tech support and they would tell me how to do it. Of I tested this theory out a few weeks ago and of course they said it couldn’t be done without buying a copy of Windows XP, DUH!. Basically she lied. I guess Dell is using failed used care sales people now.
2. One of the bonuses offered at the time I placed my order was $75 Dell dollars. Talk about a joke. After several months and multiple emails and still no sign of my Dell dollars. Then after more emails and live chats with customer support they offered me $50 Dell dollars to resolve the issue. Okay maybe my math isn’t to good but isn’t $50 less then $75 ? Nice try Dell. Any way after all this I finally got the $75 credited to my account. Sounds fair right? Well maybe to Dell. The credit went entirely to interest so in the end Dell took $75 dollars out of one of their accounts and put it in another.


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