Parable of a spoiled child.

Posted in Uncategorized by Greg Mackay on June 30, 2009

Once upon time there was a man whose name we will not yet mention. He came to God and complained that this planet was not good enough for him, and said he wanted a Heaven of Pearly Gates. And God first pointed out the moon in the sky and asked him if it was not a good toy, and he shook his head. He said he didn’t want to look at it. Then God pointed out the blue hills in the distance and asked him if the lines were not beautiful and he said they were common and ordinary. Next God showed him the petals of the orchid and the pansy, and asked him to put out his fingers and touch their velvety lining and asked if the color scheme was not exquisite, and the man said, “NO”. In his infinite patience, God took him to an aquarium, and showed him the gorgeous colors and shapes of Hawaiian fishes, and the man said he was not interested. God then took him under a shady tree and commanded a cool breeze to blow and asked him if he couldn’t enjoy that, and the man replied again that he was not impressed. Next God took him to a mountain lake and showed him the light of the water, the sound of the winds whistling through a pine forest, the serenity of the rocks and the beautiful reflections in the lake, and the man said that still he could not get excited over it. Thinking that this creature of his was not mild tempered and wanted more exciting views, God took him then to the top of the Rocky Mountains, the Grand Canyon, and caves with stalactites and stalagmites, and geysers, and sand dunes, and the fairy finger-shaped cactus plants on a desert, and the snow on the Himalayas, and the cliffs of the Yangtse Gorges, and the granite peaks of the Yellow Mountains, and the sweeping cataract of the Niagara Falls, and asked him if he had not done everything possible to make this planet beautiful to delight his eyes and his ears and his stomach, and the man still clamored for a Heaven with Pearly Gates. “This planet,” the man said, “is not good enough for me.” “You presumptuous, ungrateful rat!” said God. “So this planet is not good enough for you. I will therefore send you to Hell where you shall not see the sailing clouds and the flowering trees, nor hear the gurgling brooks and live forever till the end of your days.” And God sent him to live in a city apartment. His name was Christian.

Lin Yutang


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