Why Apples new iPad will succeed where others have failed.

Posted in Uncategorized by Greg Mackay on May 30, 2010


Any one that knows anything about computers knows that the tablet is nothing new. The PC industry has had tablet computers for well over 10 years. In fact there where tablet PCs as early as 1989. One of the first was the GRiDPad and ran MS-DOS. Later devices ran what was called Pen Computing operating systems. These devices where basically Windows based systems with a touch interface. Instead of a mouse and keyboard users interacted with the computer with a stylus. Some systems also have the ability to recognize hand writing. Apple its self even tried its hand at tablet computing in 1987 with the Newton.

The problem with these devices is that they are based on full-fledged computers. This has resulted in overpriced devices with less than friendly user interfaces.

Using a modern PC to surf the web and check e-mail is like using a helicopter to go grocery shopping, its major overkill. Modern day computers are highly technical devices with millions of lines of programing code. They were originally developed by engineers to perform complicated mathematical calculations and hold data in digital format. Eventually programmers wrote games for them and then they figured out a way to allow computers to communicate with each other over great distances. This is where and how the internet got started and what led up to how most people use them today. We are using devices that can decode the human genome to plant crops in Facebook, look at pictures of naked people and send dirty jokes to co-workers via email.

This is where Apples new iPad comes in. You see it isn’t a computer in any way. Sure it has microchips, a battery and a computer like screen but it’s something entirely new. Instead of doing what others of done in the past Apple started from scratch and developed a device specifically for what most of use computers for today. The iPad is built to do exactly what we will be using it for. Surfing the web, checking e-mail, reading the New York Times and of course playing games. Its simplicity and relatively low cost will make it succeed where others have failed.

No one wants to have to run security software, install updates or most of all call customer support just to play a game or see what their friends are up to on Facebook. Modern computers are a nightmare for regular people to use especially when they are malfunctioning.

Many of the technology pundits are complaining about all of the features missing from the iPad. This is because they are looking at it from a geek’s point of view and not a user’s point of view. As geeks we love to fiddle with our PCs. Not being able to print, connect to a Wi-Fi hotspot or check our e-mail is a challenge to use. It’s a chance to dig into our operating system and figure it out. Well your grandmother doesn’t want to figure it out; she just wants to see the most recent pictures of her grandkids!

If you’ve ever installed Linux on your PC, set up WPA-2, wrote a script to automatically back up documents or debated the advantages of Open Source over closed software then you’re probably not the target market for Apples new iPad.


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