Full featured browser coming to the Blackberry.

Posted in Tech News by Greg Mackay on August 25, 2009

Although the iPhone seems to be catching all the buzz lately the Blackberry is still the number one selling Smartphone and it appears that RIM is planning on keeping it that way.

One of the features that launched the iPhone’s success is its true web browser. Until the iPhone was released web browsing via your phone was marginal at best. Sure you could visit websites but they were heavily compressed and the formatting was horrible. The iPhone’s Safari browser changed all that. Finally web browsing on your phone was an enjoyable experience.


Well it appears that RIM is planning to one up the iPhone. According to BusinessWeek, RIM recently purchased Torch Mobile. Torch Mobile develops web browsers for mobile phones based on WebKit. The open source project that Safari is also based on. It also appears that RIM is planning on adding full Flash support to their browser (According to Technorati). Something iPhone doesn’t have. This could be key since the majority of modern websites use Flash heavily.

As a devoted fan of the Blackberry Smartphone I hope this is true and RIM releases the new browser soon.   


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