Five reasons not to be a long haul truck driver.

Posted in Uncategorized by Greg Mackay on August 22, 2009

1. Being away from home.

As a married man with a child this is by far the biggest negative of being an over the road truck driver. On average I spend 3 to 4 nights a week away from home. When I do get home it’s usually around 8pm or latter. This leaves little time with the family and little time to do the normal things we all do when we aren’t working. Like cleaning the house, mowing the lawn, helping the kids with homework and just hanging around the living room relaxing.

2. Using public restrooms.

This may seem a bit petty but imagine if 80% of the time you used the restroom it was a public one. I am so sick of smelling strangers bowl movements. Yes, mine smell to. Everyone’s do, trust me on that. I’ve smelt enough to know.

3. Not being able to start the day with a shower.

If your hygiene isn’t important to you this may not matter to you but I do care about hygiene. Especially when I’m in public. Unless I spend the night at a truck stop, my home or a company terminal with showers I may not have an opportunity to shower until late in the afternoon if at all.

4. Being at the mercy of shippers and receivers.

In the trucking industry shippers and receivers set load and unload appointments that drivers must adhere to. Unfortunately these same shippers and receivers feel they aren’t obligated to also adhere to these appointments. Just because they set an appointment for say 8am and you arrive at or before that time doesn’t in any way mean that they will load/unload you at 8am. They will load/unload you when they get around to it and you will not complain about it.

5. Dealing with casual drivers.

A day doesn’t go by without some ahole flipping me the bird. Usually it’s because they are trying to merge onto the interstate and have no clue how to do so successfully. Traffic merging onto an interstate is supposed to do just that, merge. If you are unfamiliar with the word you should look it up in the dictionary. It does not mean that traffic currently traveling at highway speed should do whatever it takes to move out of your way. YOU are the one doing the merging! Also if you can’t come up with something better than flipping the bird then don’t even bother.


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