Blackberry Bold 9000 From AT&T Wireless.

Posted in Tech Reviews by Greg Mackay on July 23, 2009

Research in motion recently released one of the most powerful Blackberry devices ever. The Blackberry Bold 9000.  It comes with a 624Mhz processor, built in GPS, 2.0 MP camera with video recording, an amazingly bright 480×320 half VGA screen and much more. I’ve been using the Bold for several weeks now with the AT&T network. I upgraded from a Blackberry Pearl 8100 on the T-Mobile network. Needless to say the Bold was a major upgrade. So far I am very pleased with this phone and AT&T.

Some of my favorite features:

1. Full QWERTY keyboard.

2. Built in system wide spell check.

3. Media player with H.264 video playback.

4. Wi-Fi with WPA support.

5. The look and solid feel.



This phone is loaded with great applications for both the business user and casual user alike. With the included version of Documents to Go you are able to view and edit Microsoft Excel, Word and PowerPoint files. Of course the Blackberry is famous for its push email and with the Bold’s powerful processor and great screen mobile email has never been better. It also includes many applications for non-business use and now with RIM’s app store you can add just about any type of app you want.


Very solid feel.
Great look.
Fast processor.
Bright and clear LCD.
Fast 3G Data.
Video Recording.
Mpeg4 H.264 video playback.
Wide selection of 3erd party applications.

Blackberry App store is very slow.
AT&T phone support reps aren’t very knowledgeable.
AT&T charges approx $60 extra to tether with laptops.
PayPal is the only available payment method at Blackberry’s app store. 

I would definitely recommend this phone to any one that needs a smart phone for business and casual use. RIM has been in the smart phone game much longer then their competitors. They are still out selling the iPhone and will continue to for some time to come. I would also highly recommend that you make your next cell phone purchase from the great folks at Car Toys Janzen Beach in Portland Oregon. Their sales staff is one of the best I’ve ever dealt with and the prices cant be beat.


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