Ten reasons why I like Windows Vista

Posted in Uncategorized by Greg Mackay on June 30, 2009

Microsoft released their latest operating system, Windows Vista in January 2007. It replaced Windows XP released in October 2001. After more than a year of use there is still a lot of controversy as to the quality of Windows Vista. People that haven’t even used it are making claims that it is garbage and doesn’t work well. I listen to Leo Laporte’s Tech Guy radio show every week and to this day I still hear concern from callers buying new PCs. They ask if they can still get a new PC with XP. When asked why they don’t want Vista they say they’ve heard bad things about Vista. I believe most if not all of what is being said about Vista is wrong. I have been using it for over a year now and have had little to no trouble with it and I’m not the only one.

“Windows Vista is a major Windows update that deserves your attention. It is, at turns, both revolutionary and evolutionary.” Paul Thurott

"Windows Vista is beautiful," The New York Times

Leo Laporte recommends Windows Vista for new PCs on his radio show.

So here are ten reasons why I believe Windows Vista is a good choice when purchasing a new PC.

  1. UAC (User Account Control). UAC is a much needed security improvement. It has been available in Windows NT versions since the NT platform first came out. It was unfortunately hard to configure and implement until now.
  2. Instant Search. This feature allows users to search for almost anything on their PC directly from the start menu. It is very fast and works great. You can search for and start programs just by typing their name. Need to find something on your PC, just start typing and let instant search do the rest.
  3. Parental Controls. Microsoft has made it safer to let your children use a PC. Parental control lets parents control nearly every aspect of their children’s PC usage. It is now easy to block adult websites, limit game play, monitor instant messenger and much more.
  4. Internet Explorer 7. IE 7 isn’t an exclusive feature of Vista but when used with Vista it offers much greater protection from male ware. With the addition of protected mode in Vista IE 7 is now by far the securest browser available.
  5. Windows Flip and Flip 3D. If you’re a power user or just a casual user this amazing new feature will save you time. With the click of a mouse or pressing alt-tab you can easily navigate through all of your currently open windows. You have to see this feature in action to fully appreciate it.
  6. Windows Firewall. The new firewall in Vista is much easier to configure than the Windows XP firewall. With just a few mouse clicks you can open or close ports and much more.
  7. Windows Media Player 11. Windows Vista now comes with everything you need to play DVDs. You no longer need a third party application. Best of all Vista supports HD DVD content.
  8. Windows Backup and Restore Center. Have you ever had a PC crash causing you to loose data? Who hasn’t, this new tool makes automatic backups much easier. Set it up to work with an external had drive and your worries are over.
  9. Windows Remote Assistance. This is a real live safer if you need help or are a help provider. With this feature it is much easier then ever before to get help or give help. Via a remote networked connection you can securely allow a tech support person to take control of your system and fix it for you.
  10. Windows Photo Gallery. I get a lot of use out of this addition to Vista. Organizing and editing photos is a snap.

These are just a few of the amazing and useful features in Windows Vista. I truly believe that Microsoft listened to users over the past decade and Vista is a major improvement over past versions of Windows. With any new operating system you’re going to have a learning curve that may cause some frustration. I believe that once anyone has spent some time in Vista they will be happy with what Microsoft has produced. If you’re purchasing a new PC you can’t go wrong with Vista.


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