How to put your DVDs on your iPod for free.

Posted in Uncategorized by Greg Mackay on June 30, 2009


So you finally broke down and bought a video iPod. Now you want to load it up with video right? So you’ve got basically two choices. You can buy new content via iTunes or you can put the DVDs you already own on it. In my case I choose the second option. Why pay for movies twice.

Unfortunately putting commercial DVDs on your iPod can be difficult without the correct software. The movie industry doesn’t want you to do this so they’ve went out of their way to try and make it as difficult as possible. Fortunately thanks to the internet and innovative programmers its now easy to do and best of all its free.

Step one: Download the needed software.


Videora iPod Converter

Step two: Use DVDDecrypter to remove the copy protection from the DVD.

1. Run DVDDecrypter and insert the DVD into your DVD drive.

2.  Select mode IFO

3. Go to Tools>Settings and click on IFO mode tab. Make sure that file splitting is set to none.

4.  Now click on the DVD in the home screen to start ripping the DVD to your hard drive. (don’t forget to note the file location where the ripped file is going).

5. Close DVDDecrypter.

Step Three: Use Videora iPod converter to reformate the video so that it will play on your iPod.

1. Launch Videora.

2. Select  Covert>Video File.

3. Make sure the video file tab is selected and click on Convert new file.

4. Select Normal mode and navigate to the .vob file created by DVDDecrypter.

5. Chose where you want converted file and click on next. 

6. Type in the title you want and click next.

7. Chose your settings and click next.

8. Then click the Start Converting button.

Also make sure you check Videora’s settings to verify that your model of iPod is selected.

Step Four: Launch iTunes.

1. Click File>Add File to library and navigate to the file created by Videora and add it to iTunes library.

2. Sync your iPod and your done.


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