How to put video on the Blackberry Pearl 8100

Posted in Uncategorized by Greg Mackay on June 30, 2009

The Blackberry Pearl comes with a very useful media player that works great and looks good. The only problem is it seems to be very picky about playing video. The video has to be in a specific format or it won’t play.

There are several ways to format video for playback on the Pearl 8100. The most straight forward way that I have found is to use Roxio Media Manager for BlackBerry Smartphones. It is freely available from RIM.

Steps involved to put properly formatted video on the Blackberry Pearl for playback.
1. In order to play videos you should first get a supported large capacity microSD card. This step is not required but is highly recommended.
2. Download needed software from RIM HERE
3. Install above listed software. It includes needed media manager software.
4. Then after installing software run the media manager. On my Windows Vista unit it was under: Start>All Programs>Media Manager 9>Creator. 

5. Then click on Manage Media in upper right corner. 

6. Now all you need to do is drag files from top window into bottom window. Media manager will ask you what format you want to use. Use covert for optimal playback. 

7. Disconnect your phone and enjoy.

1. Don’t forget to connect your phone to your PC.
2. Make sure that you browse to the videos file on your phone in the lower window of media manager. You need to put videos in the correct place so you can easily find them on your phone for latter playback.
3. When you connect your phone you need to enable mass storage mode.
4. In order to find videos files on your PC via media manager you can use the browser in the upper left window.
5. I have placed video files as large as 600MB and as little as 5MB on my phone. So far all have played back very easily. You can tweak the settings in media manager to better suit your needs.


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