How to listen to the TWIT audio stream on your BlackBerry Pearl.

Posted in Uncategorized by Greg Mackay on June 30, 2009

As a long time fan of Leo Laporte and his TWIT network I have always tried to keep up with the latest stuff he is doing. Leo recently added an audio feed of the shows he puts out as net casts. He has offered live video of the recordings for some time now but just recently added live audio. Unfortunately I’ve only heard him mention how to listen on your desktop or iphone. I am a BlackBerry Pearl user though and very much wanted to be able to listen live while driving. Well after some searching I finally found a way.

Step one; You need a 2.5mm To 3.5mm Stereo Audio Jack Adapter.


Step two; You need a Cassette Adapter. Or if you have a CD player you need a Wireless FM Car Transmitter.

41WCTD6NX5L__SL500_AA280_   41KBPCH4ZOL__SL160_

Step three; You need xplayer.


Unfortunately the media player that comes with the Pearl doesn’t support Internet radio or playing audio through the external headphone jack. So you need a third party player.  xplayer works great though and only costs $19.95 (its free if you don’t want the Internet radio function). Its also a much better media player in general than the one that comes with the BlackBerry Pearl.

Once you’ve got that all set up all you need to do is start xplayer on you’re BlackBerry and add http:// twit.am/listen  to the list of radio stations.

Of course you need to make sure your cell provider doesn’t block this function. You may also want to make sure you have an affordable data plan because streaming radio will most defiantly increase your data usage.


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